House valuation for divorce purposes

One of the most common reasons for new clients to contact our office is for a house valuation for divorce purposes.

Divorce and family law property valuations make up around 40% of our work, and we have extensive experience valuing properties in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula for amicable separations, mediation or as expert single witness in court proceedings.

We act for single clients going through a separation, for couples who are involved in an amicable separation, and either for a single solicitor, or acting for two as a jointly appointed expert.

Its is important to advise the valuer why the property is being valued so that the correct format report can be prepared and that they are aware of all circumstances regarding the valuation instructions.

If you are looking for a property valuer for a divorce will will ask you firstly a little bit about the property, and then the reason for the valuation, as well as who is to involved in the valuation process.

Once we understand this we can provide a quote, arrange an inspection and then prepare the valuation report.

Valuations for divorces are usually more detailed than one for such as stamp duty, and as valuers we will sign affidavits and engage in mediation sessions with other valuers if required.

We have also acted as shadow valuation experts where we have reviewed a single expert witness valuation report and advised our clients on it accuracy (or lack of).

There have been instances where we have provided reports to challenge a court appointed single expert witness valuation report, and our reports have resulted in the original expert witness valuation report being found to be incorrect.

It’s a specialised area, and as such you should ensure that any valuer you engage for a divorce or family law matter is not only an experience valuer, but that they have experience in the divorce field to provide you with the correct report and advice.

Below is a link to our divorce valuation page which may have some further information that’s helpful.