Stamp Duty Property Valuation

What is an Stamp Duty Valuation and Why Would I Need One?

To determine the properties value you are required to use a licensed property valuer to provide a report that shows the value of the property.

Insight Property Valuations provides stamp duty valuation on all property types, and can provide valuations at the current date or any date in the past as required.

In the past a local real estate agents opinion could be used, but closer scrutiny by the SRO has now made it necessary to use a certified practicing valuer.

Insight Property Valuation provides reports that are accurate, detailed and professionally prepared to exceed all Victorian Government requirements.

We provide reports to private clients directly,  solicitors, conveyancers and business entities such as superannuation funds etc.

Stamp duty property valuations are conducted on residential property, industrial and commercial properties, rural properties and almost all other property types.

A common reason for a stamp duty valuation is where a client wishes to transfer the ownership of the property to another family member of business entity, and as such this triggers a stamp duty liability.

Because the property is not being sold on the open market you are required to obtain a professional valuation of your property so that the SRO can calculate the stamp duty payable.

Why Use Insight Property?

Insight Property provides prompt, accurate and professional valuation reports of all types of properties for stamp duty property valuation purposes.

We work hard to give you a personalised service too. This means you’ll get the support you need throughout your service, and that it will always come from the same fully informed individual.

So you can relax while you talk to someone who knows all about your case.

When you hire us you get:

  • A valuation from an industry specialist with over a decade’s experience under their belt
  • An expert who conducts stamp duty property valuations in Melbourne on a regular basis
  • An expert who’s a current member of the Australian Property Institute working for you
  • Professional support ideal for helping you understand the reasons for your valuation
  • Extensive experience in providing valuations for immigration purposes, and Immigration Department requirements in regards to
  • valuation reports for these purposes

Get a Quick, Easy, and Accurate Stamp Duty Property Valuation

Simply pick up your phone and enter 1300 134 505. That’s all it takes to get through to a professional who’ll be glad to chat to you about your stamp duty valuation requirements.

They’ll have all of the relevant information you’ll require, thanks to each property valuer having a minimum fifteen years of experience in the industry and fully Certified Practicing Valuer status.

You can also contact us online by sending us your information via our booking form.

We’ll then get back to you within the hour.


We provide high quality property valuation reports and advice to every client – always.

Every property valuer has a minimum 15 years experience.

Expert independent property valuation services throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.


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