Centrelink or Asset Test Valuation

What is a Centrelink or Asset Test Valuation?

Asset test valuations are for when you need to know more about the value of property that you own.

This can either be for Centrelink purposes, your own peace of mind, or for Asset Register Valuations if you’re a representative – usually the Chief financial Officer – of a non-profit organisation.

Valuations for Centrelink purposes usually entail a current market valuation of your property or properties to determine their market value.

These valuation reports can then be presented to Centrelink as professional evidence of your assets, and the impact they may have (or not) on any payments you may be entitled to such as the pension can then the determined.

Either way, making sure you get a completely accurate estimate on the current market value of your property is vital.

Without it, you can end up being very surprised by the amount that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) asks for when the tax year ends. Equally, as a not-for-profit company like a church, charity, or local council, you can end up making serious savings by making sure you’re always paying the correct amount in tax.

Precise knowledge of your (or your organisation’s) assets is critical.

That’s where we come in.

Why Others Use Insight Property

Insight Property Valuations is a completely independent property valuer.

We provide licensed, qualified, and highly experienced local valuers to individuals and businesses of all kinds.

Using us makes getting your asset test valuation simple. We’ll be glad to chat to you beforehand, and give you any support you need during or after your assessment.

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Things About Asset Test Valuations You Need to Know


Usually called internal auditing when you’re a company and asset register valuations when you’re a non-profit company, asset test valuations are required before you sell any kind of property.

This can include residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as plots of land. That’s why internal auditing is such a high priority for many businesses.




Though it can be tempting to consider the price of a professional valuer as something that you can avoid, without specialist knowledge of the current market it’s exceedingly difficult to calculate the actual value of your assets.

As a professional with over a decade of experience, your personal Insight adviser will supply all of the knowledge needed.



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