Medical Property Valuation

What is a Medical Property Valuation?

Much as you might expect, a medical property valuation is a service that gives you an exact price for the value of your medical facility, or a property that you’re planning on turning into a medical facility.

Insight Property conducts valuations on a wide range of medical facilities, but in particular has extensive experience in the area of smaller medical, dental and allied health professional practices. Many of these may be converted residential dwellings that have been repurposed and converted to consulting premises.

They are often located in prime high profile areas and have a permit for 1-5 practitioners.

A large number of valuations we conduct for medical practices are for ownership transfer purposes, where one owner is looking to sell part or all of their practice to another party, or for stamp duty, capital gains tax and other similar reasons.

Making sure that you know the precise value of your medical property is our goal, and you can expect a high quality report and advice from our property valuers.

Why Do Clients Use Insight Property?

Getting an accurate medical property valuation requires an independent valuer – from a company that’s qualified, experienced, and fully licensed to carry out a property valuation.

That’s Insight Property.

We are completely independent, and every person you speak to will be an expert valuer with over fifteen years experience in the industry.

What’s more, the person you’ll speak to will be the same individual each time. We believe that this is the best way for you to get the sort of personalised service that’ll make getting your property valuation easy.

Using Insight property means you’ll:

  • Be working with specialists who each have more than fifteen years of experience
  • Get your valuation from a company that is an active member of the Australian Property Institute
  • Friendly and helpful support all through the valuation process, and continuing after it’s over
  • Unbiased services ideal for all kinds of medical practices – dentists, doctors, opticians, and more
  • A closely personalised service suited to your specific needs

Things About Medical Property Valuation It’s Important to Know

If you need to work out whether you can get credit – often known as Medico Credit, a Medico Pack or credit for specialists, to expand their premises or to make sure they’re getting the best deal on the premises they’re currently in. 

You Can Use Medico Credits For Other Purposes

Medico Credits are mainly used to finance transforming a residential property into your medical practice, but they can also be used for other things. You can purchase other private properties, refinance your home credit, or get money out in the form of an equity release. The Medico Advance on the other hand, does not allow you to do these things.

Your Medico Pack Also Presents Other Benefits

Medico Credits come with a whole range of other benefits, which may include:

  • Discounted investment rates
  • Discounts on LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance)
  • Confirmation of 5% reserve funds is not necessary
  • No set-up expense
  • Special investment rates for relatives In general these credits make it easier for you to expand your premises, but bear in mind that you may need to present significant documentation to your bank. These may include copies of university degrees and your registration with the MPBA (Medical Practitioners Board of Australia).

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If you’re sending us your details online, we’ll always get back to you within a single hour. 

Before you go ahead with your valuation, you’ll be able to get any more information that you require. 

Each and every member of our team has Certified Practicing Valuer status and more than a fifteen experience in the property industry. 

So you can count on them to tell you everything you need to know


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