Self Managed Superannuation Fund Valuation

If you manage or are thinking of starting to manage your superannuation fund (SMSF) yourself, it’s important to realise that you’ll still need accurate assessments of the value of your assets at regular intervals.

Whether this is to calculate the value of your fund, asset reporting purposes, a capital gains tax assessment, or for another reason like purchasing a property, you’ll always need to ensure that the value of your asset is both precise, and up to date.

That’s where our service for self managed superannuation valuation comes in.

Why Use Insight Property?

Insight Property provides prompt, accurate and professional valuation reports of all types of properties for superannuation audit purposes. Many clients require bi or tri annual valuations of properties held in their superannuation funds as per Australian Taxation Office requirements.

Our reports are accepted by the ATO, and we conduct valuations for both private and professional clients in the superannuation field.

We work hard to give you a personalised service too. This means you’ll get the support you need throughout your service, and that it will always come from the same property valuer. So you can relax while you talk to someone who knows all about your case.

When you hire us you get:

  • A valuation from an industry specialist with a minimum fifteen years experience
  • An expert who’s a current member of the Australian Property Institute working for you
  • Professional support ideal for helping you understand the reasons for your valuation
  • Extensive experience in providing valuations for superannuation purposes, and ATO requirements in regards to this
  • A detailed written report that can be used by all relevant parties in regards to managing a Superannuaton fund

Things You Should Know


The significant changes to the law made in 2007 led many people in Australia to start taking personal control of their superannuation funds. This is often sold as a “cheaper” alternative to professional assistance, but the difficulty of doing so without in-depth knowledge of the market is high.

It’s worth considering whether the immediate savings you might see will be offset later – by money lost due to incorrect decisions made through a lack of knowledge of the current market. This service is intended to assist you by giving you the highly accurate valuations needed when managing your fund yourself.


Most companies and organisations that come into contact with your superannuation fund will ask to test or review the valuations you’ve made of your assets. For this reason, it’s vitally important that the valuations you get are entirely non-partisan. That’s what we provide.

Get Your Assessment Now

Simply pick up your phone and enter 1300 134 505. That’s all it takes to get through to a professional who’ll be glad to chat to you about your fund and the valuations you need. They’ll have all of the relevant information you’ll require, thanks to their ten years of experience in the industry and fully Certified Practising Valuer status.

You can also contact us online by sending us your information via our booking form. We’ll then get back to you within the hour.