Insight Property was formed in 2005 to provide high quality property valuations and independent real estate advice to private and professional clients across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

After having experienced the pressure of high volume and unfortunately sometimes low quality valuations for mortgage purposes, the founder Adam Takacs felt there was a real need for a valuation firm to focus solely on the the more complex, sensitive and varied requirements of clients outside of the mortgage and finance area.

The focus and vision was, and always will be to undertake valuations for clients on a one on one basis, where there is a genuine focus on client relationships and personal service. There is an ability to concentrate on each and every valuation, providing a higher than average standard of service to all clients.

This focus has proved successful, with almost fifteen years of full time valuation practice in areas such as family law, expert witness, capital gains tax, estate and probate settlement, stamp duty and immigration amongst others.

Our ongoing relationships with existing clients and the constant stream of referrals confirm that clients do care about the service they receive, and appreciate that not all property valuers and firms provide the same level of service. Insight Property prides itself on providing accurate high quality valuation reports that are designed to exceed the clients requirements. All valuers abide by a strict code of ethics, and conduct themselves in a highly professional but still very approachable manner.

We have no formal relationship or ties to any other property valuation practice or real estate business, and as such offer truly independent advice without bias or favour. In today’s world that is unfortunately getting rarer.

Area of Practice

Insight Property provides valuation services to all properties in metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. We also provide valuations and advice to clients outside of this area on an agreed basis.

All valuers have extensive hands on valuation experience, and specialise in the areas they practice such as family law and estate settlement valuations. As we do not provide mortgage and finance valuations we have the experience in these specialised fields that other most valuers do not have. 

Who are the property valuers who work for Insight Property?

Each and every valuer that undertakes work for Insight Property is a current registered member of the Australian Property Institute and has Certified Practicing Valuer status. 

All property valuers undertake regular ongoing professional development and have a minimum of fifteen years full time valuation experience. No other valuation firm can provide a consistently high level of valuation experience to their clients. 

Why choose Insight Property Valuations?

We hope the information above has given you some background information that may help you decide which valuation practice to use, but it may be best to talk a little bit about the valuation industry in general so that you get a better picture of what is going on. The vast majority of property valuations undertaken in Australia are for mortgage and finance purposes, and as such it follows that the large majority of property valuers and valuation firms undertake this work. 

The bank valuations are undertaken on a high volume, short report and very short time frame basis.  

The residential property valuers may undertake eight or more valuations in a day, and these have to be completed on the same day as the inspection. You can obviously see this leaves little time for anything but the basics.

The vast majority of property valuation firms have mortgage valuations as their focus, with private clients being a small section on the side. You may choose to engage a large firm with a flashy website, but your work will most likely be undertaken by a valuer who also has to complete their mortgage work as well, and just tries to slot your appointment in their schedule as an afterthought. 

We know this as a sad but true fact, as this is what happened in our experience, and also from ongoing feedback from other valuers currently in the mortgage valuation industry.  You will find it hard, or sometimes impossible to talk directly to the valuer, and you will not be able to ask any questions later. They also will most likely not have the same level of experience in the area of valuations you need. 

Like with most things in life, finding and using a specialist in the area you require gives the best outcome. Property valuers are no different. If you have any questions about property valuations feel free to call for obligation free information.