independent property valuations

Would you like to know more about a property valuation report? One of the most common questions many new clients have for us is:  What is included in a property valuation report? The answer depends on the type of property being valued and the reason for the valuation. Residential, retail, commercial or any other distinct

One of the most common reasons for new clients to contact our office is for a house valuation for divorce purposes. Divorce and family law property valuations make up around 40% of our work, and we have extensive experience valuing properties in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula for amicable separations, mediation or as expert single

Do you need a home valuation Melbourne? Melbourne, as Australia second largest city has over 1.8 million separate dwellings, and has seen very considerable growth in dwelling numbers since the major recession of the early 1990’s. With such a large pool of residential dwellings there naturally a strong demand for property valuers to provide house