Is it confusing looking for property valuations Melbourne?

Most clients use property valuers infrequently if at all, and so when it comes to finding and choosing the right property valuer for your needs it can sometimes be confusing choosing the right property valuer.

So how can you choose the right property valuer?

The first thing is to obviously find one, either by word of mouth, referral or via a website search. If you look for a property valuer via the internet sometimes the search results can be influenced by factors you may not be aware of.

We strongly suggest that when you contact the valuation firm, you ask to speak directly to the valuer who will be undertaking the valuation on your behalf and ask them about their personal valuation experience, number of valuations they have conducted in your area, and if they understand the requirements for your valuation – especially if itis for a family law valuation or similar that may be used in court or litigation.

All licensed¬†property valuers are the same aren’t they?

Firstly yes, all registered property valuers have the same formal qualifications.

But like every industry and every profession there are of course variations in the service and quality of advice or work you will receive.

Just think about lawyers, carpenters or real estate agents. All will have the same basic formal qualifications, but you may receive a completely different result depending on the person you engage in their field.

So when choosing a property valuer you should look for more than just the lowest price, and assumes every valuer will give you the same level of work.

It just isn’t that simple.

If you have any question in regards to property valuations Melbourne feel free to contact us for obligation free information and a quote.

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