Home Valuation Melbourne

Do you need a home valuation Melbourne?

Melbourne, as Australia second largest city has over 1.8 million separate dwellings, and has seen very considerable growth in dwelling numbers since the major recession of the early 1990’s.

With such a large pool of residential dwellings there naturally a strong demand for property valuers to provide house valuations.

The majority of house valuations are undertaken for mortgage and finance purposes, and these are usually conducted by one of the large high volume property valuation firms. They specialise in the high volume, fast turnaround and short valuation report formats banks require, and the valuers who provide house valuations usually conduct five or more valuations per day.

As such, they really have little time to spend with the client, or on each actual individual valuation.

Insight Property Valuations does not conduct mortgage or finance valuations, and inspead has chosen to provide low volume but high quality advice and reports to clients looking for independent property valuation advice.

A home valuation that we conduct is usually for divorce or family law reasons, estate and probate settlement, immigration purposes, stamp duty, CGT, capital gains tax or litigation.

All property valuers will come out and inspect the property fully and prepare a detailed and high quality report that you can use for your specific circumstances. The valuation reports will contain all the relevant details about the property, recent sales evidence, market commentary, relevant comments about the property itself and finally a current market valuation figure.

The figure provided is the property valuers assessment of what the property can be sold for in the current market within a three month period. The property is usually valued as in the condition it was inspected, and it is assumed that the property is listed with a local real estate agent, and the usual sales process is followed by the agent.

If you have any question in regards to home valuation Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula feel free to contact us for further information.

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