Weekly Auction & Sales Results, Market Overview, Saturday August 14th 2010

The clearance rate for this weekends auctions was 68 per cent, a small increase from last weekend but largely in line with results this winter. Since the start of winter the clearance rate has been 70 per cent or higher twice, a remarkable contrast to summer and autumn when it was never lower than 73 per cent and frequently in the 80’s.

There was a total of 519 auctions reported this weekend of which 354 sold and 165 were passed in, of those 93 were passed in on a vendors bid.

This weekend last year saw 504 auctions held and a clearance rate of
85 per cent; interestingly this weekend is almost a repeat of 2008 when there was 465 auctions and a clearance rate of 65 per cent.

Auction listings drop next weekend to just over 300 due to the Federal Election

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