Retrospective Property Valuation

What Is A Retrospective Property Valuation?

The majority of property valuations we conduct are usually to determine the value of a property in the current market, but there is also a common need to determine the value of a property as at a previous date. This is known as a retrospective property valuation.

The reasons for a retrospective property valuation can we as wide as for a current valuation, ranging from family law, capital gains tax, estate settlement and expert witness to name just a few.

No matter how far back your property needs to be valued, the purpose of the valuation and even if you no longer actually own the property we can still conduct a retrospective valuation and provide you an accurate high quality property valuation report. 

Our retrospective valuation reports are similar in format to all other reports, but are conducted on the basis of what a particular property was worth at a specific date in the past.

Some clients have straight forward retrospective valuation requirements, other needs a property valued a multiple dates, or when the dwelling or improvements no longer exist.

This may seem unusual to you, but its a regular weekly occurrence for Insight Property and we have been conducting retrospective property valuations for over fifteen years, so there is not many things we haven’t seen.

Why Do Clients Use Insight Property For Retrospective Valuations?

First things first – we’re completely independent. This means we have no links to any other property valuation firms, real estate agency or for that matter any entity at all, so you can always count on us for a reliable and unbiased valuation of the property in question.

Secondly, we’re licensed, fully qualified, and each member of our team has a minimum of fifteen years experience in the property industry.

If you’ve got any questions, or need specialist advice, we’re perfectly positioned to provide it.

You won’t be getting lost in amongst thousands of other clients either – we always provide a personalised service that will include a personal valuer for you.

You’ll also get:

  • A comprehensive valuation report from a highly experienced specialist in the property industry
  • The peace of mind of knowing we are full members of the Australian Property Institute
  • Complete support before, during, and after your assessment
  • Non-partisan services ideal for disputes, businesses, and personal use

Things to Remember About Retrospective Market Valuations


As well as providing you with an accurate assessment of your property’s value, we can also act to critique any opposing valuation provided by the other party.

We’ve got over fifteen years of experience in successfully conducting retrospective valuations, so we have all of the knowledge that you’ll need.


In the past we’ve provided retrospective property valuations for all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as plots of land.

These include, but are not limited to: houses, apartments, industrial factories, development sites, medical practices, rural properties, and many more.

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