Industial Property Valuation

What is Industrial Property Valuation?

Generally similar to both residential and commercial value assessments, industrial property valuation tends to be more difficult because of the wide variation in types of structure that this category can encompass. Industrial properties can be warehouses or distribution centres, manufacturing or “heavy” industrial buildings, cold storage or refrigeration buildings, structures for Research and Development or Biotech use, Data Hosting centres, and broad range of others.

This only makes it more important to get an independent and accurate figure when considering whether to buy or sell property. In-depth knowledge of the current market value of the property will may you decide on whether it represents a sound investment, and make sure you’re paying the correct amount in tax on it.

That’s where we come in.

Why Do Companies Hire Insight Property?

Having a local property valuer that’s completely independent is key when acquiring a valuation. You can count on us to give you an accurate and unbiased report. We’re also fully licensed, qualified, and experienced.

We make the entire process of getting a valuation for your industrial property easy. How? By ensuring that you always deal with your own personal valuer. This individual will be assigned to your case based on their specialist knowledge of the field, and their more than fifteen years of valuation experience

On top of this, when you use us you’ll get:


  • A detailed written valuation delivered by a professional with over a fifteen years experience
  • Advice from an active member of the Australian Property Institute
  • Comprehensive support throughout your valuation, and a personalised service
  • A service that’s perfect for you as an individual, as well as for business use

Things About Industrial Property Valuations It’s Important to Know


We include a large amount of information with your valuation, including:

  1. 1. Accessibility of the property
  2. 2. Any peculiarities in the property
  3. 3. The size, age, condition and state of repair of the development
  4. 4. The type and age of the property
  5. 5. Tenancies, administrative charges, and any other operating costs
  6. 6. Comparables sales or leasing information

This will enable you to make a more fully informed decision when buying, and is also ideal for when you need to declare the value of your company’s assets for tax reasons.


The research we do on your valuation will also include an investigation relating to the quality and state of the local market, and the state of the leasing market of similar properties in the area. This ensures you have information for easy comparison when considering your options.

Get Your Assessment Booked Today

You can contact a fully informed and expert valuer on 1300 134 505 at your convenience. And you can also contact us online and expect a response within an hour.

The person that you’ll be speaking to will have a minimum of fifteen years experience of the property market, and full Certified Practicing Valuer credentials.

So if you’ve got any questions or queries about getting a valuation in general, or the property you’re interested in in particular – we’ll be able to answer them for you.

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