Property Valuation Cost

Property Valuation Cost and Fees

At Insight Property our valuers are property experts, and have the knowledge and experience to help you whatever your valuation requirements.

How much does a property valuation cost?

As licensed valuers, we provide a wide range of valuation report types for various purposes, so we always ask our clients a number of questions before providing a quote.

Valuation fees start at a few hundred dollars for a standard residential home being valued for a simple purpose, and can move upwards depending on the type of property, it’s location, the complexity of the valuation and report format.

All our quoted fees are inclusive of GST, and there are no hidden charges or extra fees payable.

It’s one fixed amount agreed upon prior to the valuation being undertaken, so you can relax that there will be no nasty surprises.

Some questions we will ask you before providing a quote are:

Where is the property, what type of property is it, at what date do you need it valued (the current date or a date in the past), and what is the purpose of the valuation?

It is important to understand that we are here to help you, and provide the best advice possible to ensure that the valuation meets your requirements.

There is no fixed fee or schedule for property valuations, and you may receive a wide range of quotes. So how do you decide which valuer to use?

Ask who will actually being conducting the valuation, their experience in the area, and also their experience is undertaking the valuation for the purpose you require.

Valuation fees can be paid via credit card, bank transfer, cash or cheque.

As per standard industry practice, we do ask for payment before reports are sent out. Valuations fees may also be tax deductible.

Whatever you valuation requirements, we have years of experience and expert knowledge of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula’s property market, and our team will be able to assist you.

I only want the cheapest valuation fee, it doesn’t matter who I choose because all valuers are the same – aren’t they?

This sometimes the main thrust of conversions we have with prospective clients.

Insight Property provides a high quality service for a competitive price, but does not compete with those valuation businesses who only have the cheapest price to offer their clients, and sometimes have little pride in the work they provide.

It is human nature to look for the best service possible for the cheapest price, but the two do not fit well together unfortunately.

Any business which chases work by offering the lowest price or offering to beat a competitors quote by 10% as an example isn’t interested in providing a quality service, their business model revolves around high turnover and low service.

This will have an impact on the service you may receive, and we do see valuation reports conducted by other property valuation firms that are less than ideal.

This may only come out when you need it the most (in court for example), when a better quality report is shown as evidence against yours and suddenly the cheap price you received doesn’t seem like such a bargain anymore.

Property valuers like any other professional service provider will be busy if they have a good reputation, and will not just drop fees to the lowest amount for a single job and new client.

It can be hard to select a property valuer, but we offer a genuine service and are passionate about providing clients with an outcome will be happy with.

If it means turning away some prospective clients then that is a small price to pay.

If you would like to discuss property valuation fees feel free to call and talk directly to a valuer.

There’s no obligation, and you may find out some useful information to help make the right choice.


We provide high quality property valuation reports and advice to every client – always.

Every property valuer has a minimum 15 years experience.

Expert independent property valuation services throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.


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